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Image by Paige Cody


We believe in offer a candle that is a healthier alternative to paraffin candles, lasted longer, smelled great from start to finish. We also believe a company's complete mission is much more than solely selling its product. It is our hope that through corresponding with our company we have in some way touched your life in a positive way & inspired a trail for you to do the same!


Ahana means the first rise of the sun,  inner light in Sanskrit that’s why we got inspired in combining the magic of the flame with the power of crystals because it encourages us to shift our perspective, get centered in what we want and manifest our aspirations into realities. When we combine the healing properties of crystals with a mindful effort to evolve, we can finally embark on the spiritual path toward the person we were always meant to be. To have a success story of your own, light a candle and let the crystals be your muse.

Candle in Glass Jar
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